This Light Blue 1932 Ford 3-Window Coupe isn’t just some garden-variety hot rod. No, it has a long and winding history chronicled in the industry-favorite book, “Lost Hot Rods”. This unique streetrod’s journey tracks all the way back to the Cayuga drag strips of the 1950s when it was nothing more than a primer-painted bruiser, to the show car circuits of the 1960s and 1970s when it was built into an East Coast-style hotrod with perfectly blended styles from three separate decades. After a very long hiatus in dormant storage (over 35 years), this old-school Deuce Coupe was finally resurrected about ten years ago and then made ready for the road. Dripping in old-school streetrod heritage, it now features a strong 324 Oldsmobile small block V8, a quick-shifting 3-speed manual, and period-perfect patina paint over steel livery. With all these custom touches and loads of old-school pedigree, there may not be a cooler hotrod on the market today. The classic ‘Eastern look’ is readily apparent on this ’32, even though it actually hails from the East Coast of Canada, not the US. Nevertheless, the famous design elements are there โ€“ the chopped top, un-chopped grille, lowered rear, molded rear fenders, and even that custom light blue paint are all pillars of the East Coast streetrod builder’s movement from the ’50s and ’60s. Of course, the hi-boy stance on big-and-little tires and the 3-window cabin are must-haves as well, making this hotrod instantly recognizable to anyone that’s been to a car show in the last 50 years. The bright light blue paint was probably at the top of its class when it was first laid down back in the 1960’s, but it’s been understandably weathered and aged a bit over the last several decades. With that said, it’s mostly been shown since the completion of the build and then hermetically stored away from the ravages of the elements, so the preservation is pretty remarkable when considering the age. Sure, there are some dull areas, signs of touch-ups, and there are enough nicks and chips in the paint to count on both hands, but the overall curb appeal is still very strong. Light Blue is an old-school color choice we wish was used more often on builds today, and with the addition with some red pinstripe work it really pops off the laser-straight sheetmetal. Custom touches like the Plexiglass roof insert, King Bee-style headlights, and bright chrome on the exposed suspension, engine bay, and spreader bars all add to the killer look, and we absolutely love the traditional style of this build. As the saying goes, “everything old is new again”. Contrasting the original ’50s and early-’60s style of the exterior, the interior absolutely nails the late-’60s and early-’70s vibe with button-tufted upholstery and wood-grain accents that were all the rage back then. The fiberglass buckets wrapped in black-vinyl with wood-grain buttons start the funky theme, and the patterns are mirrored on the custom door panels and rear package tray. Plush black carpets line the floor, while up top the blue tint on the Plexiglass roof is worth the price of admission all by itself. Even the header above the windshield is whimsically upholstered. Old-school, black-faced gauges in the center of the dash and ahead of the driver have been in there since this streetrod was first built, and they’re outlined in both chrome and woodgrain, a style choice that’s continued on the steering wheel and tall shifter for the 3-speed manual transmission. Luxuries include… well, there aren’t really any luxuries, but looking for amenities really misses the entire point of this hotrod. Bottom line is that it’s fairly comfortable inside, seals up nice from the elements, and looks really cool while you’re hammering through the gears and listening to the small block howl. Oh and if you want to haul a trophy or two, the finished trunk does have a little bit of room next to the relocated battery, gas tank, and upholstered panel. Powering this lightweight Deuce is an Oldsmobile 324 cubic inch V8 that looks like the quintessential hotrod motor thanks to a set of three 94 carburetors atop a polished Edelbrock aluminum intake. The engine bay is as much about style as it is about substance – with chrome on the firewall, frame rail covers, and several of the engine’s accessories, perfectly countered with the contrasting red on the finned Edelbrock valve covers, the candy-stripe plug wires (who doesn’t love that ’50s-era kitsch?), and on the engine block itself. It’s properly tuned and the three carbs acquit themselves well on the hot small block, giving it lightning-quick throttle response and loads of bark. The Ford 3-speed manual transmission and open driveshaft makes it a blast to drive and there’s a quick-change rear end out back that’s been beautifully plated in chrome. There’s a bunch more chrome on the dropped I-beam suspension, trailing arms, and frame rails, while the tub has been coated with protective black paint that’s helped it stay solid after all these years. If you didn’t think this was on Old School hotrod quite yet, take a look at the lack of front brakes (yup, that’s how they used to build these), but don’t sweat it because the rear drums are more than capable to stop this ’32 on a dime. A burbling dual exhaust system provides an exciting soundtrack, and the 15-inch American Racing Torque Thrust alloys wrapped in staggered 125/15 front and 235/75/15 rear tires set the perfect Old School stance. With a storied history and a faithful Old School build, this is traditional hot rodding done right. A great pedigree, quality workmanship, and a look that will never go out of style make this incredibly preserved ’32 Ford the one to own. Call today!

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