Of all the great gassers, “C C Rider” was the dominant “CC gasser” of the late 60’s, and thought by many to be the greatest double-C car of all time. The car began its life on a cabbage farm in Pennsylvania. When the farmer’s pickup truck broke down, the trunk lid was removed, and the car was used to haul cabbages to market. Bill Lindner, from Webster, NY, bought the car in 1963, built his race car, beginning to race it in 1966. The car had a small block Chevy with Hilborn injection and ran a 4-speed M-22 until 1970.

“C C Rider” is a 1938 Coupe, sitting on a 1937 frame, with a 41-style fiberglass tilt front-end, made by Anderson, and dating from 1965. Lindner’s car had a 1958 Olds rear with 5:57 gears. He estimated the supercharged small block Chevy motor, which ran at 9500 rpm, to make about 750 hp. It was bored 30 over 40, and ran a 10:1 compression.

Lindner and “C C Rider” won 5 NHRA championships: Indy Nationals in 67, 68 & 69 (photos 13-15), and the Spring Nationals in 68 & 69. One of the car’s greatest victories came in the 1967 Gold Cup at Niagara, a race that featured the strongest competition in super eliminator. (see photo #20 & story) In addition, the car set and held the class speed record longer than any other car. (photo 19 )

Bill sold the car (without engine) to Rod Phelps in 1970, who also enjoyed tremendous success with it, winning many championships, and setting and holding speed records. Phelps retired the car from racing in 1975, and the car passed through several owners, each taking it farther from the top-notch race car that Lindner had built. Finally it had a “pro-street” setup, which is the way the car was when I purchased it in 2006. (photo 12)

Almost immediately I started the process of restoring the car to it’s 1969 look. All of current engine work was done by Bill Lindner. The block is a new 330 Dart short block, with an estimated 800 HP. The supercharger dates from the late 60s and was made by Ohio George Montgomery and Pete Robinson, and is a VERY RARE item, and Ohio George custom machined the intake especially for this engine. The Hilborn injection is a 2-port, and uses a Kinsler set-up as did the “old” car. The engine is set up so perfectly that it will fire on the first time. In photos 4 & 5 you can see Bill doing the final check over of the engine.

The trans is also correct, with Lindner again doing all the work. A close-ratio M-22 and 4-speed are now in the car, along with a Hurst shift. The rear is a 57 Olds, although I’m not certain what the gear set up is. The chromed wheelie bars and chrome ladder bars were made by Lindner, as was virtually all “mechanical” aspects of the car.

The rear bumper is a notable feature of the car. It was recreated for me by a well-known drag racer, and his Lindner’s 100% of approval. The brake lights are contained IN the bumper. The front grille is also unique to this car.

The front wheels are aluminum and the rear ones are magnesium. These rears are not perfect, but look like they belong on an old race car. They do have some pitting, but are completely solid, and without flaws or damage. The slicks are new M&H Nostalgia 16×10.

The Willys front axle and front springs are all chromed. There is some rust on the springs. They could be cleaned up, or could be re-chromed if show car perfection is what you seek.

The interior is very close to the way it was. The seats come from a Triumph TR-4, and there is a Simpson racing harness. There is a roll bar only – as the car had in the 60s. The gas pedal is a Moon, and the beautiful custom dash is unique to this car. Lindner had only a tach, oil pressure and volt meter. When I bought the car, there was a complete set of classic Stewart-Warner gauges, and I have left these, althought neither the speedometer or fuel gauge are connected.

The paint is Sierra Gold Metallic. It is “light” on the metallic side, meaning it doesn’t have a lot of “glitter” in it. It is absolutely correct according to Lindner, and this determined “how metallic” it should be. The paint also looks different in different lighting, as can be seen in the photos. The effect in natural sunlight is bronze or copper-like in appearance.

Along with the car comes an amazing amout of memorabilia and historical items.

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Location: Clifton, New Jersey, United States