Here is my 1940 Chevrolet sedan street rod. This is a very well built street rod that runs and drives as good as it looks. Fly in and drive me home ! There are no disappointments with this car !

Speaking generally every car is built for a purpose, some cars are built to go fast for a 1/4 mile at a time, others are built just to take trophies and are never driven, of course you have stock restorations, and then you have cars like this one. Cars that were built for smiles. Smiles you might ask, yeah smiles. Grab your wife and take her to a drive inn movie, throw your grandkids in the back seat and go and get a ice cream cone, and what do you have at the end of the night ? Smiles and amazing memories, that is what this car is all about.

You might be saying, well yeah but you can do that with lots of cars what makes this one so special ? I’m glad you asked, for one its dependable. If your out for fun evening, the last thing you want is car trouble. This car is beyond dependable, I’d drive it anywhere. Secondly, its comfortable. Ever sat in a buddy’s stock 1939 Ford, chevy, dodge, etc and thought, holy crap this seat feels horrible. Not only do these seats look amazing, when you sit in the car its almost like the seats were custom made just for you and are incredibly comfortable. Then you have a modern steering column so if you happen to have a gut (like me) I fit, and it isn’t a chopped 35 coupe or tiny vehicle so you have lots of headroom, lots of legroom, just generally it is comfortable to drive in. Thirdly, have you ever driven a stock 30’s vehicle ? Well simply put they handle like a 90 year old vehicle, this has all updated running gear, brakes, steering, suspension, etc, so its enjoyable to drive. Fourth but not least, you can bring the kids, grandkids, friends, etc, with you. Coupes, roadsters, etc all look amazing, but your always limited to two people and its kinda fun to take the grandkids with you. Lastly, I know people who have spent 75 to 100 grand or more to restore/street rod this that and everything. This car is a third of what they spent, I get just as many thumbs up as they do and I have a blast driving it, what is not to like about that.

The body and paintwork are exceptional. Its a very well built car. They didn’t skip any steps on the bodywork, it looks amazing. Its a “wow’s” and “thumbs up” everytime I drive it type of car. Just because it does get driven, rock chips and things along those lines are bound to happen, so it isn’t perfect, but very nice.

The motor is a 350 with a turbo 350. Just a simple 4 barrel with a aluminum intake, mild cam so its easy to drive, stock exhaust manifolds so you don’t have those annoying header leaks, just a simple combination that works well. The transmission is just a stock turbo 350 and a normal stall converter. It has a ford 9″ rearend with middle gears, great for cruising and road trips. The frontend is a Mustang II setup, modern steering, modern brakes, etc. A tried and true dependable combination throughout.

This has modern bucket seats which are amazing to sit in. The door panels are custom and match the rest of the interior, updated gauges, glass is all nice, weatherstrip/rubbers are all soft and in good shape. Simply put the interior is in great shape and just as custom as the rest of the car.

The trunk was used for what trunks were designed for. Hauling luggage, a intake found at a swap meet, etc. So no fancy upholstery back there, just a simple grey trunk matt. Simple and functional.

This has Master Deluxe logos on it, I’m not sure how to tell if it is one or not. Ebay forced me to pick a trim/model, however ebay didn’t have a Master deluxe option. The closest thing ebay had was Belair/150/210, hence why it shows that.

Price: $29,500

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Location: Mandan, North Dakota, United States